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Project NA: Chapter 1 version 2

Hey folks! As promised, here is chapter 1, version 2 of Project NA, ready for the download! Get here:

Mediafire: (.zip, 50.02 MB)
Megaupload: (.zip, 50.02 MB)

UPDATE 3/6/201: Due to the Megaupload melt-down and a problem Mediafire, the download links have been relocated. See this post for details.

For some general Frequently Asked Questions and random information, check the post for the original release here. (But don't download that release. It looks really bad. Goatbit's art is much better than mine, and I've had a chance to redo a decent chunk of the code.)

I hope everybody enjoys this new version! I'm also hoping to start semi-regular development blog updates for Chapter 2 (currently in-production), so keep an eye out for those as well. ^_^ Also, make sure to give the artist, goatbit , lots and lots of love! God knows her art took this project to a whole new level.

(Also, in case you missed them the first time...Preview pictures!)

Tags: america, canada, england, france, germany, hetalia axis powers, italy, japan, project na, ren'py, russia

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