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Project N/A Dev Blog #7

Hi everybody. Sorry it's been so long since the last update.

So, I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. The good news is, I have a release date for Chapter 2. I hope to have it completely done and ready to release by Saturday, September 17th, at the very least.

The bad news is that goatbit has decided to drop the project, in order to focus on her schoolwork and personal things.

We've talked it out and I understand fully. She's had a rough time keeping up with her very intensive coursework, and my inexperience with the art management of visual novels didn't really help. With her help, I've got more than enough graphics to pull together some really awesome games to finish off this story.

That said, if anyone is willing to step in and draw two or three Special Scenes in the next couple of weeks - even if it's only the lineart - your help would be very much appreciated. The game can and will be made either way, and I'll be doing another CG artist search before I start Part 3.

One way or another, I'm going to get this game out by September 13th. And I am going to finish this project. That's a promise.

See you on the 17th.

~ GeminiStar
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