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Game Guide: Project N/A Chapter 2


This is the GUIDE to Project N/A Chapter 2. This is where you should go if you have trouble getting one of the endings, or if you want to make sure that you get all of the endings in a certain order. Ergo, there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

This guide is broken up into two parts. The first is a series of simple hints designed to point you towards each ending without spoiling any of the game. This section is labeled as SPOILER FREE.

However, the section afterwards is a more detailed guide to getting each ending, and therefore tells you exactly what choices you have to make to get each one. This section is marked with the big ol' SPOILER tag, so consider yourself warned.

Hints to guide you on your way.
To get the Bad End, you have to help one person, but not another.

To get the Blah End, follow the cold.

To get the Treasure End, focus on your studies.

To get the True End, try to be a hero.

Good luck!


The answers to all your questions.

The game’s very simple. You’ve got three major decisions. The first two effect the last one, and the last one determines what ending you will get. No matter what version you play, the first choice - with Francis - has no effect on the outcome of the game. Explore all the choices to your hearts' content; though asking about Kumajiro will give you the most bang for your buck.

Now, for each of the endgins:

To get the Bad End, cover for Feliciano and spend your study period in the library. Your third choice will be between Arthur's study and the Potent Stone. Search Arthur's study.

To get the Blah End, search Ivan’s locker. The only combination of choices that won't lead to a "search Ivan's locker" choice is the one that leads toe the Bad End. However, if you don't cover for Felicano and spend study hall setting up the track meet, this will be your only option for choice 3. 

To get the Treasure End, go to the library during study hall, then follow up on Kiku’s lead. Your decision for dealing with Feliciano doesn't matter here.

To get the True End, cover for Feliciano, then help set up the track during study hall. You must do BOTH to get the True End. You'll be given a choice between searching Arthur's study or Ivan's locker. Choose Arthur's study and enjoy your True End.
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