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Project N/A Dev Blog: October 2011

I've had a long month. There's been multiple computer failures, job-search struggles, and a lot of traveling. But you're not here to read about my woes; you're here because I promised monthly updates on Chapter Three of Project N/A, and I intend to deliver.

This month, everybody who volunteered to help out with the art has been contacted (thank you thank you thank you all you're all so awesome) and all of the special scenes have been meted out, with a loose deadline of November 1st for pretty much everyone involved. I, meanwhile, have been writing the game, by which I mean, I've been ironing out the framework.

The current game-stats look like this:

The game contains 600 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 6,817 words.

 What this doesn't tell you is that this is all spread out over about 5,500 lines of code. To put this in perspective, the final, finished total for Part 2 was a little over 4,000 lines of code, including credits. And I haven't even actually written any of the scenes yet - 80% of the current code is just single lines of placeholder dialogue that say, "Scene X will go here."

So yeah, this is going to be a long game, compared to the rest. But hopefully that just means it'll all be worth the wait. ^_^

P.S. - I almost forgot! Project N/A now has a TV Tropes page that is seriously in need of some love! So, if anybody wants to go in, list some tropes, post a review, tie it into the main Hetalia page, whatever, please feel free to do so! Ciao.
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