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Gemini Star

Typist of Word Balloons

Gemini Star 01
21 May 1989
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Honestly...what is there to say?

I'm a writer and I figured, well, heck, writers need pages, right? So I guess what's going to wind up here is my character notes and sketches, maybe a couple of fan fiction links, AMVs and babbles about the book I'm working on.

About me...I'm a college student, and I write. Fanfiction, novels, short stories, you name it, I write it. Except for poetry, I can't tell you how much I hate poetry. I haunt multiple messegeboards, especially the GaiaOnline ED and the Third Floor Corridor Harry Potter Website. Which reminds me, I need to do those Charms assignments...

My current project, outside of my fanfictions, is an original series of fantasy novels. The first book's working title is currently "In the Blood" but that's kind of lame, so it's subject to change at any time. The main characters, technically, are a pair of twins, but their two friends and the asexual faerie that's pulling them all into have a big role, too. I'm not going to say anymore here, if you really have questions, ask, and I'll answer as best I can. Or not. It just depends on what questions are asked.

I read a lot of weird books and I may babble about them, so be warned...

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