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Project N/A Chapter 2: Who Are You?

Yessir, as promised, after five months...it's finally done!
Title: Project N/A, Chapter 2: “Who Are You?”
Writer: geministar01
Artist: goatbit(with additional art from Deviantart users Emily Smith and Mildkat)
Media: Ren’py visual novel fan-game
Characters: Canada (Player Character), America, France, England, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belarus, Prussia
Pairings: None yet, but there’s set-up for future America/Canada and Prussia/Canada.
Summary: New student Matthew Williams must team up with the school’s golden boy (who, for some reason, shares his face) and the one-man Paranormal Investigations club to find out the truth behind the strange incident of Part One.

Author’s Note: After far too much time and a series of delays, I’m proud to announce that Part 2 of this game is finally out! Thank you all for your patience…^.^; If you missed Chapter One, you can find it HERE. Downloads below, and more detailed information to be found under the cut!



Download it here!
Windows Version – ++ Mediafire,++ Megaupload
Mac Version – ++ Mediafire,++ Megaupload
Linux Version – ++ Mediafire, ++ Megaupload

EDIT 3/6/2012: Due to the Megaupload meltdown and an annoyance with Mediafire, the download links have been re-located. See this post for details.

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Is *this* game a dating sim?
No, but it is more interactive than the last chapter, and it’s setting up Chapter 3, which will having dating sim elements. So there are some minor pairings hinted at (most an America/Canada/Prussia triangle with a beta pair of Germany/Italy), but the main focus is on the story.

How many endings are there?
Four – they’re titled Blah, Bad, True, and Treasure. The “True” ending is the one that continues the story on to the next game; the others are just for fun. Personally, I’d aim for all the other endings first, but that’s just my preference. If you want some tips for how to get to each of the endings, I’ve posted a guide.

How long will this take me?
About 1-1½ hours during your first play through.

So what is Ren’py?
Ren’py is the python-based visual novel and ren’ai coding engine that was used to create this game. It’s open-source, and it’s awesome. For more information, see: www.renpy.org

What are the ren’py stats of this game?
The game contains 1,399 screens of dialogue.
These screens contain a total of 15,093 words.

In comparison, the stats for Part 1 were: 410 screens of dialogue, containing a total of 3,550.
I did say this version would be longer, after all. ^_^

So when will the next chapter be out?

Chapter Three will be the last part of this episodic game series, and I intend to make it a big, long, satisfying conclusion to the series as a whole. It’ll have dating sim elements, stat raising, and six endings, two of which will be extra-long to wrap up all of the answers.

So far though, I’ve only got the outline and the framework done. There are still dozens of scenes that need to be written, and the numbers still have to be balanced, which could take some time since it’s an element I haven’t had to deal with before. I will, however, continue to update my livejournal with development blogs on the progress of the game, usually at a rate of about one per month.

And…though I’m sad to say this…I’m afraid that the awesome artist for these last two parts, goatbit, has had to drop the project to focus on her schoolwork. Hence, I’m looking for another artist to help me out by drawing the special “CG” scenes to round out the content of the games. See the "Artist Search" below.

Artist Search Info

Needed: At least 1 artist willing to draw and color special “CG” scenes, like the one pictured here, for the final game of the series. There will be a minimum of eight (8) CG scenes, which will need to be full-color. In addition, there will be two pieces of chibi art and a menu screen needed, and if you’re willing to do more than eight pieces, it would be very much appreciated; it all depends on what you think you can take on.

Detailed backgrounds are NOT a necessity. As you can see, I use filtered photographs for the backgrounds in the game, and I’m willing to provide more if you need them. Gradient or abstract backgrounds are also just fine. The main focus will be on the characters and their actions. And don’t worry about trying to match the style of goatbit’s character sprites - whatever your personal style is, I would love to see it.

The content of the special scenes will include boy’s love romantic elements (kissing and affection, fully-clothed, no sex), violence (minor blood, no gore, about as bad as your standard Hetaoni fanart), and drama.

Finally, I’m willing to work with multiple artists on this, especially if it means making a more visually-stimulating game, so please don’t be afraid to submit art to me at any time. If you’re interested in giving me a hand, please submit a sample of your work (DA page, fanart, whatever) in a PM, and I will be in touch.

Naturally, all artists will receive full credit for their work. If you’re considering helping me out, then thank you very much for your time, and even if you’re not, then thanks for reading this far anyway, and I hope you enjoy the game!.

Please, if you enjoy the game, leave a comment! I love getting feedback from people on my work, and any critique/criticism/fangirlish glee is loved! Thank you all so much for your support in making this, and be sure to check back soon for an update on the final chapter of Project N/A!
* GeminiStar01 *

Corner of Woe

Project N/A Dev Blog #5

Ack, has it really been a month since the last dev blog? Damn. Where did the time go?

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot to report this month, as IRL things came up - namely impressively daunting school assignments (goatbit) and the sudden return to steady employment (me). So as you can imagine, overall progress is just a little slow.

However, I can at least say that the character art for Chapter 2 is almost, almost done. There's just two more sets of character emotions to finish, and goatbit's already started working on the CGs as well. I'd give more detailed info on that, but I don't like to pester her too much, since this particular chapter is easily the most art-heavy of them, she's already got a lot on her plate, and I (not being an artist) have no idea how much work it actually involves...

That said, I have not just been sitting around, either. I've been working on Chapter 3, which is a thankfully code-heavy game, so it evens out. The framework and first two scenes of the introduction are complete, putting the game at a little over 4,000 words so far. (In comparison, Chapter 2 - which is MUCH less code-heavy and less complicated - clocks in at around 14,000 words.)

It's an uphill climb people. Still, we're still working on it, so don't worry.

Oh, there's also one other thing I think you'll all enjoy: the second of our new character reveals. And it's a good one...

Hullo, Gilbert. Fancy seeing you here. XD

Hopefully, we'll have another (more encouraging) update before the end of the month. Stay tuned~.
Corner of Woe

Development Blog #3

Whew. Okay. Time for the actual update-update I was planning on doing last week but…well, you know. Earthquake. Tsunami. It seemed inappropriate.

For those of you who don’t know: goatbit, our CG and character artist, is living in Japan at the moment. She’s perfectly fine but, understandably, she’s under a lot of stress right now, so fandom is taking a backseat until reality stops sucking quite so much.

As a result, Chapter 2 is on a bit of a hiatus. Though keep in mind, it did take us 3 months to coordinate on the first game even under ideal conditions and me having the code all set-up beforehand; so considering we’re only two months in on this one so far, the impact of IRL being the suck shouldn’t be so bad.

Besides, it’s not like nothing has gotten done. That would be a lie. This group shot from relatively late in the game is proof:

Between the coding and goat's ever-awesome art, it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

I’ve also been using some of my copious free time (why yes I’m still unemployed orz) to work on the framework for Chapter 3, which does not yet have a subtitle. Chapter 3 is easily the most complicated of the games so far and features a lot more, well, gameplay than either Chapter 1 or Chapter 3. I can’t really tell you too much about it yet because that would spoil things in Chapter 2 buuuut suffice it to say, it’s a very different experience, and think it’ll be a lot of fun.

Long story short: We’re still plodding along here, folks. It may be slow going, and RL may be a bitch, but we’ll get these games out eventually. Promise.

Project NA: Chapter 1 version 2

Hey folks! As promised, here is chapter 1, version 2 of Project NA, ready for the download! Get here:

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?x3dy72q6va6w8az (.zip, 50.02 MB)
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NY0WEACO (.zip, 50.02 MB)

UPDATE 3/6/201: Due to the Megaupload melt-down and a problem Mediafire, the download links have been relocated. See this post for details.

For some general Frequently Asked Questions and random information, check the post for the original release here. (But don't download that release. It looks really bad. Goatbit's art is much better than mine, and I've had a chance to redo a decent chunk of the code.)

I hope everybody enjoys this new version! I'm also hoping to start semi-regular development blog updates for Chapter 2 (currently in-production), so keep an eye out for those as well. ^_^ Also, make sure to give the artist, goatbit , lots and lots of love! God knows her art took this project to a whole new level.

(Also, in case you missed them the first time...Preview pictures!)


Development Blog: Project NA Chapter 1 (Version 2)!

^_^ I was gonna make this post tomorrow, but then all the art came in and I played the game through with it all done and it looked so awesome that I got really really excited to I decided to move this development blog up by 24 hours.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce Version 2 of Project NA: Chapter 1 (Familiar Hands), to be released at the end of this week.

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Hetalia Fic: Recollection (3/?)

I've been quiet a while I know. Lots of stuff has happened. Got good news today, but now is not the time. For now, have the next chapter of this fic and enjoy.

Title: Recollection (Part 3/?)
Author/Artist: geministar01 
Characters: America, England, France, Canada, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Estonia
Rating: T for Teen/PG-13-ish
Summary: Thirty years ago, a natural disaster devastated the American continent. Now, America uses shared dreaming technology to uncover his own suppressed memories with the hope that they will lead him to the missing Canada. But he may not like what he uncovers in the deepest levels of his subconscious...
Uses themes and plot devices from the movie "Inception" but otherwise has nothing to do with that movie.

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Project NA Chapter One: Familiar Hands

Project NA, Chapter 1: “Familiar Hands”
Artist: geministar01
Media: Ren’py visual novel doujinshi game
Characters: Canada, America, France, England, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan
Summary: It’s Matthew Williams’s first day at the prestigious Hetalia World Academy; but it’s about to go very differently than he expected…

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Hetalia Fic: Recollection (2/?)

Title: Recollection (Part 2/?)
Author/Artist: geministar01 
Characters: America, England, France, Canada, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Japan, Estonia
Rating: T for Teen/PG-13-ish
Summary: Thirty years ago, a natural disaster devastated the American continent. Now, America uses shared dreaming technology to uncover his own suppressed memories with the hope that they will lead him to the missing Canada. But he may not like what he uncovers in the deepest levels of his subconscious...
Uses themes and plot devices from the movie "Inception" but otherwise has nothing to do with that movie.

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