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Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 8

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 8/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - revised to post-series; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.
Author’s Note: I have always hated my chapter endings. This one is no different. Will cross-post tomorrow when I’m not feeling so worn out.

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Smiling Tim

Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 7

 Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 7/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.

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Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 6

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 5/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.

A/N: Well, we've got two Robins who aren't quite trusting each other locked in a room together, and they haven't blown anything up. Things will probably get more entertaining in the next chapter, so I hope I don't bore anybody away with this one. ^.^' I'll cross-post it around tomorrow when I'm not sleepy...

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Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 5

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 5/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.


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Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 4

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 4/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.

Author's Notes:
Last I heard, the offical word was that Tim is "sixteen-going-on-seventeen," which would put him at about "just turned sixteen"-ish when his father died. Since the TTG has never actually been noted as having age of and kind, I've put them on a slightly older range - about 19-16, with Beast Boy being the youngest. 
Also, I adore Mia's costume. She has much better fashion sense than the rest of her family. Hense Speedy's admiration.

Chapter 4: Investigations

Robin frowned at the sleek photographs spread out over his work desk, analyzing them, searching them for any sign of forgery or trick. The dates on the back of the store-developed shots, ranged from three to ten years in the future, and the quality of the printing seemed just slightly advanced enough in the same mind-set. Both seemed to back up his initial hypothesis - time travel - but that brought up questions that he didn’t want to answer.


Namely: Where was he?


The kid in the Robin costume wasn’t him - he was too small, too thin and, most importantly, too young. Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, they were all featured and had all aged accordingly, he but he was nowhere to be seen, ‘grown-up’ or not.


His trained detective skills, kicked in with half a dozen theories and possibilities, but the first one that hit him stuck. The thing that set him apart from his teammates was obvious - he had no natural ‘powers’ of his own, aside from his training, he was a normal teenage boy. That meant he was vulnerable. His weaknesses were the easiest to exploit.


If someone managed to get the drop on him at the wrong time…


Robin swallowed hard at the thought and pushed it to the back of his mind. He pushed the group photo to the side of his desk, turning to the other three shots. Two of them were interesting, but not useful - brief moments in the lives of masked heroes that he neither knew nor could identify - but the third caught his eye.


Robin turned on the desk lamp and pulled a magnifying glass from his drawer, focusing on the details. He compared the smiling, unmasked boy in the snapshot with the grinning, half-strangled Robin in the group shot. Careful examination picked up on the smallest aspects - the shape of the chin and ears, slight changes in skin tone, near-invisible freckles and moles - and, in his opinion, the two faces matched up in every way.


The boy was the other (fake!) Robin, outside of the mask and costume. Obviously, the man with him was important to him, but Robin couldn’t quite pin him down. It wasn’t Bruce. Or Alfred.



The kid’s father…?


The thought made Robin’s skin prickle. Even if - for whatever stupid reason - Batman had replaced him, why would he chose someone that still had a father, a family, a…


A home?




Starfire’s voice and light knock startled him, but Robin managed choke it down before the door slid open. “Our friends that you contacted have arrived.”


“Good,” Robin grabbed the first picture and clicked off the desktop light as he slipped out of the lab. “Thanks, Starfire.”


The alien girl’s eyes remained on him as he brushed past her. “Have you managed to discover anything of the other Robin?”


A light, annoyed chill ran up Robin’s spine, and he pushed it back down. “Nothing yet.”


“Robin…” Starfire nibbled on her bottom lip in the awkward manner she used when she was uncertain of what to say. “I feel that we may be approaching this in an incorrect manner.”


Robin took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain calm. He was not going to take his frustration out on Starfire, she was only trying to help “What do you mean?”


“I feel that we should not be treating this boy as though he is our enemy. I feel we should be searching for him as a lost friend, and hope that he may assist us in locating Chronos.”


Robin took another deep breath, letting it out very, very slowly. “Thank you, Starfire. I’ll keep that in mind.”


Starfire sighed, recognizing the team leader’s slightly-cold, ‘I don’t agree with you, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings’ tone, and floated off to help Beast Boy prepare a late dinner for the Tower. Robin groaned a bit once she was gone, then recovered himself and calmly strode into the Titan’s living room.


He was almost instantly greeted by a red and yellow blur that zoomed up and slid to a stop just in front of him. “Hiya Rob! Long time no see!”


Despite himself, Robin let a bit of a grin slip onto his face as he greeted Kid Flash. Behind the gold-and-scarlet speedster, lounging across the couch, was a grinning Speedy, who was toying with one of his own energy arrows. The archer vaulted over the back of the couch, tossing his arrow back into place as he moved cockily up the stairs. “Sorry it took so long. Had to wrap up Johnny Rancid’s latest stupid plot back in Steel City, and zippy over there tripped.”


Kid Flash scowled. “You’re the one who left your bow lying around!”


“I most certainly did not. I’m an archer, Kid, I know how to handle my stuff!”


“It’s good to see you both,” Robin interrupted, cutting off an argument before it could start. “And thanks for coming on such short notice. I need to see if you guys can ID some people for me.”


He had hardly produced the group photo before Kid Flash snatched it out of his hands. A second later, the fastest boy alive simply stopped moving, held completely still for a few seconds, then freaked out a bit. “Hey, what the hell is this? Who’s the punk in my costume?”


“I was hoping you could tell me,” Robin sighed, rubbing his stiff neck. “That picture belongs to someone we’re trying to track. ID’ing the people with him is the first step to figuring out who he really is.”


Kid Flash frowned, holding the picture at arm’s length and turning it from side to side as he brought it in close. “Sorry, dude. Doesn’t ring any bells with me.”


Speedy slipped up beside him and took the picture for his own appraisal. Robin’s eyes flickered to him. “Do you recognize the archer?”


“’Fraid not,” Speedy shook his head and grinned. “Wicked costume, though. Very sleek. Girl’s got style, whoever she is.”


Kid Flash zoomed around the room once in a sporadic burst of hyperactivity (a constant risk when working with speedsters) before reappearing over Robin’s shoulder as the Titans leader took the photo back. “What about those two in the back? That shield’s pretty obvious, dude. You asked Supes or…?”


Robin’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not involving them. This is Titans business.”


“Hey, Robin.”


Cyborg’s voice held a specific electric buzz as the intercom clicked on, broadcasting the voice around the Tower. “We’ve picked up a signal over the communications line. I’m pretty sure it’s our mystery kid. I think we can track him.”


“I’ll be right there,” Robin turned on his heels and darted out the door, with Speedy just behind him and Kid Flash breezing past almost instantly. It brought just a bit of a grin onto his face - in his opinion, the more Titans they had on their side, the better.


( - ) ( - ) ( - )


“Conner…Cassie…Bart, Mia…it’s me. I don’t know if any of you got here, too, but…I’m here. We need to find each other. Please respond. Robin out.


“Conner…Cassie…Bart, Mia…it’s me. I don’t know if any of you got here, too, but…I’m here. We need to find each other. Please respond. Robin out.


“Conner…Cassie…Bart, Mia…”


Robin frowned and muted endlessly looping message to clear the channel for Titans-to-Titans communication. The strange signal - definitely in the same voice as they kid he’d spent two hours trading blows with back on the other side of midnight - had been looping on a frequency just slightly lower than the usual Titans communicators for at least the past hour, if not more. Cyborg and his wondrous technology had managed to narrow the signal’s broadcasting area down to a ten-block stretch of town, so the Titans had spread out to search.


Robin flipped the visor of his helmet back into place and kicked up the speed on his motorbike as the light turned green and he rounded the corner of the block. The wind rushing around his head managed to block out most of the sounds of the city, giving him just the white noise he needed to concentrate on Cyborg’s pre-mission briefing.


Cyborg had been studying more than the airwaves - he’d scanned the pictures into his hard drive immediately after their first return, and he’d been analyzing them in ways that even Robin’s thorough training couldn’t. Digital rendering had revealed a distinct ‘T’-shaped tower in the distant background of the group shot. According to Cyborg, it wasn’t the Titans Tower - at least, not the current version, especially since the location looked nothing like their current residence. He’d shown them blue prints of a modified tower that he had been working on, but specifically noted that the technology needed to create it wouldn’t be readily available for another ten years, at the very least.




Robin hit the breaks, screeching to a halt, and lifted a hand to adjusted his communicator. “Kid, slow down. We can’t understand you.”


Kid Flash’s voice stopped for a split second, there was the sound of a deep breath, and then he repeated more slowly. “I think I found your kid in the Robin suit. He’s not going anywhere, but you better get up here. And be quiet about it.”


Robin glanced down at the screen set into the base of his motorcycle. The blip associated with Kid Flash’s communicator was not moving, quite calmly, from a building on the far-right side of their search area. All of the others were within a five minute trip of the location.


“We’ll be right there,” Robin reported as he revved his cycle. “Stay with him.”


( - ) ( - ) ( - )


By the time that Robin made it onto the roof, Cyborg and Speedy had beaten him there, while Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy were just landing. Kid Flash was hovering near the corner of the roof, literally buzzing with carefully-contained energy, his expression somewhere between excited and concerned.


As the others approached, Kid put a finger to his lips and shushed them softly. “Quiet, he’s asleep.”


That was clear enough, but not quite so obvious that they would have remembered to keep it down had he not reminded them. The kid was curled up in the little niche of the corner, his legs pulled up almost to his chest, resting his head on his arms, with most of his body hidden by the warm folds of his own cape. Black hair fell haphazardly over his face, partially hiding his mask and only adding to the peaceful expression he wore. Leaning against his boot was a small, square, silver device, which was flashing red in the shadows, its ‘T’-shaped light being the only thing indicating that it was his Titans communicator. Or at least a form of one.


The moment Starfire’s eyes landed on the boy, she let out a little gasp, and her face took on the soft, concerned expression that had Robin convinced she would one day make the universe’s greatest mother. “He is so…small.”


“I don’t think he’s that old, Star,” Cyborg said softly, keeping his voice low. “He’s younger than us, that’s for sure. Maybe about Beast Boy’s age, but no older than that.”


“Seriously?” Beast Boy whistled a bit. “Dude…that’s awesome.”


Speedy, on the other hand, frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah, but, I always assumed that Robin…Robins,” the Titans leader glared at him a bit for the addition of the multiple, but the archer ignored him, “were supposed to be like, freaky-smart or something. Sleeping out in the middle of the city like this ain’t that bright.”


“He didn’t have a choice,” Raven’s voice said calmly, her tone emotionless and distant as her empathy brushed the edge of the boy’s consciousness. “He’s exhausted. If he’d gone any further, he would have passed out.”


Kid Flash glanced between the group awkwardly, not spending more than half a second on each face but with the concentration as though he had been studying them (and, with natural aptitude for ‘relative time,’ he could have been) for an hour. His head and shoulders moved with his body, as though it hurt to stand completely still. “So...whatta we do? We can’t just leave him here.”


There was a moment of silence as Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg glanced at a thoughtful Robin each in turn. Kid Flash shared a panicked looked with Speedy and fidgeted. “We…We aren’t going to leave him here, right? He’s just a kid.”


Robin sighed, shaking his head and silently scolding himself for even thinking of what he’d been ready to do. He was a hero, they were all heroes, and there were just some things that heroes…that good people…just didn’t do. “You’re right. We’ll take him back to the Tower.”


The others let out relieved breaths. Robin used all his control to ignore that fact. “Cyborg, can you get him down to the T-car without waking him up?”


“No prob,” the largest of the Titans grinned, leaning down to scoop the young boy into his arms. Not-Robin didn’t wake, but he shifted, curling away from the cold metal and further into the cape.


Robin found himself musing that the kid must have been exhausted. Batman had trained him to wake at the slightest change in air. It had been all that kept him alive in some situations.


Speedy glanced at Robin out of the corner of his eyes as Cyborg and the others started their retreat back down to the street level. “And what are you going to do with him now that you’ve got him?”


Robin pursed his lips, killing the words ‘I don’t know’ before they could be spoken, and followed after his team.




Fic: Brothers Together Chapter 3

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 3/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series, after the defeat of Trigon; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.


Chapter 3: A Thousand Words


Tim’s feet pounded against the sidewalk with a steady rhythm, a rhythm that pushed him through the burning pair of his muscles and the confusing, muddled thoughts that were swimming through his mind.


He knew what had happened. His keen detective mind had figured it out the moment he came face-to-face with the other Robin, the figure he’d only seen in photographs and security footage, but whose face he knew as well as his own. He’d accidentally piggy-backed onto Chronos’s time-jump, gotten pulled into the past – or something like the past – and those teens that he’d met were the Titans. Dick’s Titans.


And that meant that the time-hopping villain was his only chance of returning to his own time.


He picked up the pace, leaping over a row of garbage cans like the Olympic athlete he’d been trained to match. He hadn’t made it down to street-level in time to catch up with Chronos completely, but even if he’d wanted to stop now, he didn’t really have a choice…


A noise from the right caught his attention with just enough time for him to kick off the alley wall and dodge the R-shaped shuriken that had been thrown at him. He flipped as he dropped through the air, facing his attacker with a groan. “Dammit, I don’t have time for this!”


“That’s too bad,” Robin said in a voice far too serious for someone his age, the white lenses of his mask reflecting the glare of the street lamp. “I’m not letting you slip away this time.”


He lunged, raising his weapon over his head. Tim slid back and drew the collapsible bo staff in one motion, catching the blow before it could connect and holding them apart. He grunted under the effort. “Dick, please, don’t do this!”


“I don’t know how you know that name…” Robin hissed, yanking back and going for a mid-body blow. “But if you think it’s going to distract me, you’re wrong!”


Tim knocked the other’s weapon aside, dropped down, and swept his legs out from under him. “It’s just your name!”


The other boy bent backwards in his fall, bracing his hand on the ground to give him the leverage for a controlled summersault. He flipped his staff around and landed a hard blow just under the base of Tim’s ribs. “My name is Robin.”


Tim stumbled, the air knocked from his lungs. He went down on one knee, his weapon clattering to the ground beside him with a metallic ring. He drew in one solid breath, which rattled his lungs against their casings painfully and pulled another wince to the surface.


Robin paused the fight and stepped forward, the metal toes of his boots click-clacking against the concrete street. “Give it up, kid. It’s time to stop playing around.”


“Who’s playing?”


The light wheeze was accompanied by lightening-fast motion as Tim whipped a smoke pellet from his belt and threw it into the ground. The plastic casing shattered instantly, a huge cloud of smoke erupting up to cover their entire field of vision. Robin darted through the smoke, groping blindly, and managed to get a grip on a leather pouch – one of the compartments on Tim’s utility belt, which ripped open as the smaller boy shot away.


By the time the smoke had cleared and Robin could see again, he was once again alone.


“Robin?” A voice echoed down the alley, soft and hesitant. “Robin, are you…?”


“I’m fine, Star,” he called back as he straightened, scowling a popping a tense crick out of his back. “I’m here. He slipped away…again.”


“Again?” Cyborg demanded as the rest of the team caught up with him. Beast Boy immediately shifted into a blood hound and sniffed around for a scent as a rather irate Cyborg turned to Robin with a sigh. “Man, we’ve been tracking this kid for two hours now, and this is the fifth time we’ve lost him. We’re not gonna catch him like this, and our chances of catchin’ up to Chronos are nil now. I think it’s time we call it a night.”


Robin sighed and rubbed his sore neck with a frown. “You’re probably right…”


Raven stepped forward with silent grace, glancing at Beast Boy before turning her haunting purple eyes on their group leader. “I’m not sure why we went after the kid in the first place.”


“He bothers me.”


“He’s shown no sign of being a threat. Chronos has.”


“I agree with Raven,” Starfire chimed in, hovering a few inches from the ground as she moved around them. “I do not believe that the strange Robin means us harm. He would not have helped me if he did.”


“I never said he was a threat,” Robin pointed out defensively, crossing his arms. He frowned in a contemplative manner, his eyes narrowed behind his mask. “Just that…he bothers me.”


“I don’t blame you, dude,” Cyborg added. “Having some kid pop up wearing your costume would bug anybody. Plus, it’s a dangerous game he’s playing...”


Robin nodded absently, still focused. “I want to know what his deal is. Who he is, where came from, how he got here…”


“Um, dudes?” beast Boy interrupted, shifting back to his normal form. “You might want to take a look at this.”


Starfire arrived first, looking over the green-skinned boy’s shoulder. “They appear to be photographs.”


“They must have fallen out of the pouch the kid tore during the fight,” Robin added absently. “So?”


“Take a look,” Beast Boy repeated, and passed the pictures into Robin’s hand.


Robin lifted them into the light of a nearby street lamp, with Cyborg and Raven leaning in for glances of their own, and his mouth dropped open just slightly. “No way…”


“Oh, man,” Cyborg gasped. “Is that us?”


It was.




The first picture in the little stack was a glossy group photo almost reminiscent of a school class picture, though the subjects had been separated into two groups – one bunched in the center, the other looped around them in a horseshoe shape. In the first group, they could only recognize the strange boy in the Robin costume, though the brown-haired kid with one arm around the ‘Boy Wonder’s neck wore a red-and-yellow suit that couldn’t belong to anyone but Kid Flash. He seemed to have leapt up at the last moment to throw his arms around the necks and shoulders of ‘Robin’ and a red-clothed girl in red on his other side. Both of them looked surprised and maybe a little annoyed with ‘Kid Flash’ – she was giving him the same kind of look that Raven tended to give Beast Boy when he started to act up. Behind those three were two taller teens, both posed so that they were turned slightly out, but twisted back in mid-laugh at their friends’ antics. One was a beautiful blonde girl in dark, sleek red; the other a broad-shouldered, strong-looking boy in a black t-shirt, displaying a distinctive and familiar red shield across his chest.


On the other hand, the second group, the one looping around these five, was made up of four extremely familiar figures – Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire, all older, different, but somehow still the same. Starfire towered over everyone in the picture save Cyborg, her hair gorwn long and curly down her back, and she was dressed much more…openly…than any of them had ever seen her before. Cyborg had filled out as well, remaining strong and stoic alongside his obvious upgrades. Raven, in some ways, seemed dark and stronger, but also more elegant, hovering solemnly behind Beast Boy, whose trademark huge grin wasn’t changed a bit.


It took a few minutes for the Titans’ minds to register it all before they finally reacted. Cyborg reached around and snatched the photo out of Robin’s hands almost excitedly. “It is us! And man, do we look good! Just look at that tech fillin’ me out! I wonder where those upgrades came from…?”


“Hey, you’re not the only one!” Beast boy grinned, pushing his chest out like the way his self in the picture had been posed. “Dude, I always knew we’d grow up to be awesome!”


“That’s all well and good,” Raven sighed and rolled her eyes. “But we still don’t know if that’s even us in that picture.”


“What’re you talking about? It’s gotta be us, there’s no way…”


Raven narrowed her eyes at him. “Time and space are more fluid than you think. It may be us, but it might not be us.”


Beast Boy immediately shut up in his confusion, his eyes widening into a clear ‘I-don’t-understand-a-word-you-just-said’ expression. Robin ignored him and pushed into the silence, glancing at the darkest member of their team. “You think it’s authentic?”


“It looks authentic,” Raven sighed, plucking the photos out of Cyborg’s hand with her powers and floating them over to her own grip.


The half-metal teen crossed his arms and slipped back into a serious expression. “Yeah, and I’d guess the kid in the Robin suit is the one were chasing.”


Starfire hovered a few inches above the ground to look over Raven’s shoulder. “But if that is the case, then why is our Robin not…there?”


“Maybe he’s holding the camera?”


No one responded to Beast Boy’s comment, but even he didn’t really believe it.


Raven separated the group photo from the rest of the small stack and shifted through the remaining three snapshot blandly. Two of them seemed to feature the younger bunch of ‘heroes,’ though they were dressed differently – one showed the girls, or she guessed that it might have been the girls, as neither was wearing red and only one carried arrows, sitting next to each other and talking; the other the shorter boy, dressed in white and red instead of yellow, running just inches out of the reach of the tallest boy, who wore the gaudiest costume she’d seen in a long time.


The third picture seemed out of place until she realized that the un-costumed, unmasked boy with in the baseball cap was their mysterious not-Robin, being hugged from behind by a taller, older man with graying black hair.


The thought made her stop, just for a moment. She’d never seen her Robin without his mask. Not even in his own dreams.




Returning to the original picture, her fingers brushed against a few unusual markings on the back of the smooth surface, and she turned it over to look.


“There’s something written here.”


Robin didn’t look up from his thoughts, just muttered, “Written where?”


“On the picture,” Raven stressed, and pushed it into his grasp to bring it to his attention.


Robin took the photos, his eyes narrowing as he read the hand-written words aloud. “Titans Together – just like always. Signed, Bart.”


Cyborg frowned. “‘Bart’?”


“What does this mean, Robin?” Starfire asked innocently, turning her big eyes to look at him.


“I don’t know. I can guess, but I don’t know,” Robin’s eyebrows scrunched together and he pressed the pictures into a tight stack, though he took care not to damage the ‘evidence.’ “But we’re going to figure it out.”


He slipped the pictures away into the pocket of his belt, leading the way of out the alley. “Back to the Tower, Titans. We need to go at this from another angle.”


( - ) ( - ) ( - )


Tim counted eight full blocks of absolutely no foot-steps behind him before he let his pace slow, and passed over another five rooftops before he stopped altogether. He panted a bit to catch his breath, scanning his eyes over the area before finally letting himself relax completely, dropping down to rest in a distant corner.


His body ached with the exhaustion and his stomach squirmed with nausea, still uneasy after the time jump and unable to adjust because of the constant momentum. Tim winced, closing his eyes against the swirling colors that flashed by them, and leaned his head back against the wall.


…Two minutes later, when his stomach had settled, he discovered that closing his eyes had not been a particularly smart move on his part. He didn’t want to open them again. In the last three days, he hadn’t slept even the tiny bit he usually got after a patrol, kept awake by dreams of his father and Stephanie and the others. If he wasn’t careful, he would fall asleep here.



Which wouldn’t be so bad, but it would be dangerous if he didn’t take at least a little bit of precaution, and he needed to find his team, if they were here.


Tim reached into a pocket on the left-hand side of his belt, digging out his Titans communicator. Without opening his eyes, he brought the smooth casing up to his mouth and spoke softly. “Titans, come…”


He stopped. What if Dick’s Titans used the same frequency?


Another sigh tugged at his lips, and the communicator dropped down to his chest for a moment before he settled on another message to broadcast.


“Conner…Cassie, Bart, Mia…It’s me. I don’t know if any of you go here, too, but…I’m here. And we need to find each other.”


His other hand moved to another pocket nostalgically, but stopped when he felt ripped cloth. His eyes snapped open as he groped at the pocket, trying to convince himself that it wasn’t the one he though it was, but it was – most of his evidence bags were now scattered in the wind along with, more importantly, the few photographs from his collection that he kept with him.


Sure, everyone on the team had copies of the group picture, and, given that both he and Cassie had been shutter-happy up to their Apokolips incident, he had more than enough Young Justice snapshots, but…he had a photo of his father there, too. There weren’t many left of those, and there never would be any more.




He set his communicator on a loop broadcast and let it rest beside him as he curled up inside of his cape. He settled down into the shadows, resting his head on his arms, and sighed into the night air.


Tim told himself that he was going to stay vigilant, that he was going to wait for the others to hear his message and respond before he did anything else. But he had fallen asleep before he could even finish the thought.




Fic: Brothers Together - Chapter 2

Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 2/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series, after the defeat of Trigon; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.

A/N - For those unfamiliar with my fan fictions, my fight scenes tend to generally suck. This has something to do with the muse who controls them running off after fake demons whenever she cares to.

Chapter 2: A Tale of Two Robins


In the most basic possible sense, Tim Drake was having a pretty crappy day.

Though, given the general standard of you average superhero-level crappy day, the day itself really hadn’t been all that bad. It just seemed worse than it would have otherwise because it was the latest in a cycle of bad days that had been spiraling around him for the past three weeks.

Not that anything could have compared with the day that had been the start of those three weeks. That was the day that had become the ultimate worst day of his entire young life.

That was the day that his father, Jack Drake, had been murdered.

Murdered by a cheap thug hired in a desperate attempt to cover up the homicidal tendencies of the crazy ex-wife of a superhero that Tim had only really been acquainted with through Bruce’s JLA contacts. She was in Arkham now, and the assassin has been shot by the very man he had gone to kill, but that meant nothing to the Boy Wonder. Punishment and retribution wouldn’t bring his father back.

Tim had spent the first week after the incident in bed, with the covers pulled up over his head, hiding from the world. The first day, Nightwing had called his family line every thirty minutes from 6 am to 9 in the evening, when he went on patrol. Oracle had taken over for him, doing the same from 10 to 4 the next day. Tim had ignored them all, lost in the memories, shutting himself away from everything, until Alfred – bless the dear old man’s paternal soul – had gotten in with a spare key and coaxed some warm food into his body.

Even with the entire bat-clan checking in on him and Alfred’s home cooking available whenever he could keep it down, it had been the very worst week of Tim’s entire life.

Despite Bruce’s objections, he had gone to Titan’s Tower that weekend, just as he had been planning to long before his father’s death. It was familiar, it was normal, and his friends – Wonder Girl and Kid Flash and the rest – didn’t know what had happened, and he wanted it that way. After a week of remembering, all he wanted to do was forget, to lock the feelings away inside of him and deny any power that they had once held.

But he couldn’t even have that, as a rogue villain…a leftover of the incident that had killed his father – had sparked the rage and sorrow back to life, resulting in another break down on his part.

If nothing else, his friends had been there to pick up the pieces.

When he’d gotten back, to his surprise, Bruce did not even seem to think about uttering the word “I told you so.” Instead, he insisted that he take it easy for the next few weeks – no school, no patrols, minimum training, just rest. He’d chosen to spend it away from Gotham – away from the memories that Gotham would bring – and somehow wound up back in his room at the Tower. In the middle of the week, he’d taken up Conner’s offer for dinner at the Kent’s in Smallville, but other than that, he remained in San Francisco with Vic and Gar.

And it had helped.

He’d felt better – much better – the following weekend, participating in training, getting to know Mia, their latest addition; and even taking on Doctor Light when the giant flashbulb had reared his ugly head. He’d returned to Gotham, but stayed off the beat, left at home with his thoughts. They’d grown dark again, and he had been thankful to return to the Tower for another weekend with the Titans.

And then today had happened.

It had started out as just the usual sort of alert – the super-villain of the week, in this case the bumbling time traveler Chronos, had been attempting to bust an old metahuman buddy of his out of the newly-renovated Alcatraz prison. True to their contract with the City of San Francisco, the Titans had retaliated. A battle ensued, fending off attacks from the various gizmos the not-quite-genius had somehow picked up, trading the occasional had-to-hand blows…Chronos had tried to get away, hastily imputing coordinates into the machine on his arm. Tim had lunged at him, and…

And the last thing he remembered was a frightened cry in Wonder Girl’s voice: “Robin!”

Then, nothing.

Tim now found himself being pressed from all sides, the very breath that he held pushing outward against his lungs. Groping through the darkness, he held onto Chronos with both hands, despite the villain’s struggles. He knew better than to let go. Letting go would get him lost, trapped in this non-world between times, possibly forever.

He fumbled through the shadow, his right hand losing its grip only to find a new one on something hard, something that suddenly broke and came loose, and then he was falling, falling…

His sight and senses returned seconds before his feet hit the ground, just enough time for his training to kick in the instant the earth was solidly beneath him.

He pushed away from Chronos, arching his back into a graceful handspring. The villain stumbled, green cape rustling around him, gripping his gauntlet as though it had bitten him. “You…You little brat…”

Tim rolled his eyes – this guy must be really minor-league if that was the best he could do with his insults – and stuffed the little whatever-it-was into a spare pouch on his utility belt without giving it a second look.

Chronos hissed again. “Give me that!”

He took one step and wobbled awkwardly, giving the Boy Wonder the opening he needed. Tim lunged, delivering a hard right to the man’s check, following it up with a sharp knee to the gut. “Give it up. We’re bringing you in.”

“’We’?” Chronos snickered at some kind of private joke, though it turned into more of a cough. “You’re fooling yourself, boy. There is no one else.”

Tim frowned, confused, and glanced over his shoulder to observe the situation. It was dark, which it hadn’t been before, and the roof was more old-fashioned – there was a water tank at the very edge, and a stairwell with a pile of debris stacked up next to it just on his right. But most importantly, his teammates were nowhere to be found.

His guard dropped for a split second, giving Chronos exactly what he needed. The air was thrown from Tim’s lungs when his opponent kicked him in the stomach, and again when he crashed into the wall of the stair house. He dropped to the ground, gasping and hacking as he tried to force the air back into his lungs.

There was a low chuckle as Chronos stepped forward, the kind of little laugh that the bad guys always used when they thought they’d gotten the upper hand on Batman’s teenage sidekick.

Tim hated that laugh.

“Gotcha, little birdie,” the assassin snickered. “We’ll see how well you fly once I clip your…”

“Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”

A black shadow, alive and animated in the shape of a bird, shot from one side and collided with Chronos. It swept him away and dropped him in a heap on the other side of the roof, his back pressed against the stone guardrail.

Tim coughed, gaining back a bit of his breath, and took a moment to sigh with relief. The attack was familiar, even if the call had not been. “Raven…”

A second later, a familiar, fem-feral battle roar echoed through the air as a gold-and-purple blur shot after the time traveling villain. Starfire seized Chronos by the collar of his flashy green cape, hoisting him up twenty feet into the air. “I do not know what you are doing here, but I will not allow you to cause harm!”

Tim shook himself, staggering to his feet as he tried. There was something…different…about the alien princess. The way that she moved, the way that she spoke, the way that she…felt…was similar, but it wasn’t the Starfire that he knew. “Kory? What…?”

“Damn you...” Chronos grunted, struggling to reach into one of the many silver pockets on his excessively over-laden belt. “Every last one of your brats is a pain.”

Tim realized what was going to happen seconds before the handful of blinding powder was thrown into Starfire’s wide green eyes. The golden-skinned girl shrieked and jerked back instinctively, dropping her captive as she fell.

Tim was on the move a second later, now running purely on adrenaline. The Starfire he knew was almost a foot taller than he was and 25 pounds heavier, but this was just about the right size for his attempted ‘catch’ to turn into a somewhat effective ‘breaking her fall’ maneuver. If nothing else, he managed to keep her head from hitting the hard concrete, even if it did mean that his body took the blow instead.

With Starfire weighing him down, Tim wasn’t quite able to get a grip on the situation before Chronos gained his second wind, returning to his feet with a hefty jump. But the bad guy had barely managed to get on his feet before Raven – materializing from her soul-self once more – appeared seemingly from nothing and delivered quite a solid kick to the side of his head.

Starfire groaned and sat up off of Tim, rubbing at her blinded eyes. “Robin...?”

Tim gulped, rubbing his neck. Up close, it was even more obvious that this was not the Starfire that he knew. She was too quiet, too young, too...small.

“Robin?” she repeated, reaching out and grabbing hold of his costume, as though assuring herself that he was still there. “Robin, what...?”


Both heads turned, and Tim moved to push Starfire into a duck as a large green condor swooped just over their heads and claws at Chronos’s gaudy silver goggles. The time-traveler reared back with a scream, gripping a handful of blood-stained red hair. “Damn you all!”

The eagle covered back in an elegant arch, swooping low over Tim and Starfire as they uncurled from their previous position. It dropped to the ground just behind the owner of the original warning voice, reforming into a human state. Beast Boy straightened, his green eyes slowly widening. “Dude...no way.”

Tim lifted his eyes and came face-to-masked-face with another Robin.

They stared at each other for a full thirty seconds before all the pieces clicked together in Tim’s head. He knew this Robin, he had grown up knowing him, studying everything that he could about him, eventually even training with him and around him. When he was a child, he had pictures of this Robin, newspaper clippings, strung up all over his room. Even though it had been years since this particular Robin had been seen, he knew him in a heartbeat – there was no other answer.

Tim swallowed against a dry throat, and when he breathed out, the whispered name passed through his parched lips before he’d even willed it to.

If nothing else, he at least managed to limit it to a single, breathless word:



( - ) ( - ) ( - )

Robin jerked backwards as the name reached his ears, floating on the wind like a withered old leaf.

He hadn’t heard that name for years.

Confusion piled on top of confusion in his mind, trying to sort through all the information he had been given in the last five minutes. Cyborg’s blurry reports of ‘another Robin’ on the roof had been troubling enough, and though the boy’s appearance to keep Starfire from harm was essentially a good thing, it also created a light pang of jealousy that Robin would have rather pretended didn’t exist. It was beaten down quickly by the realization that the boy was not, as Cyborg had guessed, some twisted version of Robin himself.

This new Robin was smaller than he was and built thinner, making him a tiny bit taller and probably a little bit lighter than Beast Boy. His movements held less power and precision, but almost seemed to be calculated so that every motion added up to the full equation. Despite this, with his build and proportions, he might as well have been some kid in a Halloween costume.

Except that your average school kid would not have been able to jump in the way he had.

Raven’s voice suddenly brought Robin out of his thoughts: “Watch out!”

On instinct, he launched himself to one side as Beast Boy shifted into a kangaroo to jump away from the small explosive charge Chronos had thrown between them. The pudgy, sloppy-looking man in bright green and silver has gone red in the face with rage, gunning for a fight as he stormed through the smoke and debris he had created himself.

Robin rolled up onto one knee, drawing his staff and extending it out to its full length. Raven landed beside him with a sigh. “Looks like he’s still got some fight in him.”

“I’m headin’ over there, Rob,” Cyborg’s voice reported from the communicator. “Think you can handle him until I get there?”

“We’ll try to save you some action,” Robin reported with a smirk, then turned off his communicator and glanced to his teammates for a few hurried instructions. “Raven, you take care of Starfire. Beast Boy, you’re with me. Titans, go!”

The blinding, painful red was just starting to clear out of Starfire’s eyes when she realized that she was being guided away from the battle by Robin – but it was a much smaller, skinnier Robin than the one she was used to. She blinked, her eyes watering with pain, and tried to focus on him. “Ro…bin?”

“Stay here,” he instructed in an unfamiliar voice, pushing a small bottle of water, indicative of emergency rations, into her hand. “Use this. Wash your eyes out and stay low.”

A cold chill, familiar though still mind-numbing, radiated from just behind them as Raven’s voice broke through again. “Get away from her.”

The guiding touch on her shoulder was gone suddenly as the boy backed off. “Just trying to help.”

“It’s not needed.”

“I can see that, now.”

With that, the boy turned on the spot and rushed their opponent, drawing a thin metal rod from the depths of his cape. The weapon telescoped out to it a full six-foot bo staff, which he brought down hard against the older man’s temple.

Chronos grunted, stumbling forward a few steps as his attacker slid past. “You little…”


The man twisted, coming eye-to-eye with Robin. The leader of the Titans narrowed his eyes behind the lenses of his mask.

“I don’t know where you came from,” he said seriously, taking a few more steps to the side. “But in this time, you’re wanted in three states. So we’re bringing you in.”

The other boy, his mirror-image, scowled at him from the opposite side, breathing hard. “Please, Dick, not now…”

Robin went stiff again, his grip tightening to an almost uncomfortable level.

 Chronos looked back and forth between them, apparently as baffled by the appearance of the two identically-costumed boys as anyone else in the area. He grunted, glancing down at the complicated silver gauntlet on his right wrist. Something about it made him furious, and he suddenly lunged at Robin. “You! Give me back that temporal core!”

 Robin didn’t know what he was talking about, but he was ready for the attack. He caught Chronos’s hands with his staff, rolling into a fierce grappling match with the larger villain.

 The other one moved, about to engage as well, but was cut off by the large green snake that reared up and wrapped around him in a vice-like grip.

 “Hold it, pal!” Beast Boy ordered, tightening his coils. “How do we know you’re on our side? I bet you’re working with this creep!”

 “Let…me…go!” the groaned, squirming in all directions, but the snake just tightened its hold.

 Raven straightened from her place beside her injured teammate, keeping her purple eyes trained on the battle. She lifted her hand, pushing the dark energy of her mind to wrap around the heavy wooden crates piled beside her. “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”

 The debris lifted into the air and shot at Chronos. Robin saw it coming and jumped back in time to allow the attack to crash into his opponent. Chronos turned just in time to duck the attack, the pile of debris landing in a heap behind him.

Robin straightened into a defensive stance, throwing a shuriken-like dart to distract Chronos and glancing in Raven’s direction. “How’s Starefire?”

 “She’s nearly recovered,” the dark girl reported, keeping a cautious eye on the battle and a concerned hand on her golden-skinned friend’s shoulder. She watched as the Beast Boy-snake struggled with their strange new arrival. “What about the kid?”

 “Keep an eye on him,” Robin instructed, carefully circling their opponent. “I don’t trust him.”

 Chronos toke advantage of the distraction to knock Robin’s projectile attacks out of the way and throw one of his own – in the form of a putrid smoke-bomb, right in Robin’s face. The Boy Wonder reeled back, one arm raised defensively, and was suddenly knocked to the ground when Chronos tackled him through the smoke. Robin wound up on his back, his elbowing being pressed into the ground by his own weapon.

“You little brat…!”

“Robin, get low!”

The surprise of Cyborg’s voice made him slip into instinct mode, and Robin dropped his arms backward instantly. In the moment that Chronos was off-balance, a blue beam of hypersonic sound struck him in the chest, throwing him off Robin and onto the ground in one motion.

Cyborg smirked as he clicked his weapon back into place. “Booyah. Just in time for the fun.”

Chronos growled as he pulled himself to his feet for the third time, now facing Robin, Cyborg, Robin and the fully-recovered and angry Starfire. Recognizing that the odds were against him, Chronos turned once more to the machine on his wrist, grumbling in annoyance as he did. He punched in a few small codes, then hit a button with the flat of his hand.

 The kid seemed to realize what he was doing before any of the others did – he paused his struggling with Beast Boy just long enough shout, “No!”

Robin moved forward, but it was too late. With a small pop and a flash of red light, the man was gone, and the only thing Robin hit was thin air.

Starfire hovered forward, perplexed and annoyed. “He is…gone?”


“No…” Robin swore under his breath, even more annoyed than his teammate. “Did he time jump?”

Cyborg glanced over the edge of the roof. “He jumped, but there’s no time. Look, down there!” 

They looked, just in time to see Chronos’s gaudy green and silver cape disappear around the corner of the building across the street. Robin hiss again. “He’s getting away. We need to go after him!”

Cyborg frowned at their leader uncertainly. “What about the kid?”


All four of them jerked back around at Beast Boy’s shout, finding the green-skin teen back in his usual form, and gripping his right thigh with boy hands. “He bit me! The little brat bit me!”

Robin twisted again just in time to see the end of a cape – his cape, as far as he was concerned – disappear over the end of the roof as the strange young boy leapt onto the fire escape. For a minute, Robin stopped, uncertain of the situation, debating with himself…

“Well, Rob?” Cyborg broke in, sounding as confused as Robin felt. “What do we do?”




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Title: Brothers Together
Chapter: 1/?
Series: Teen Titans Go!/DCU Batverse crossover
Timeline: TTG - mid-series, after the defeat of Trigon; DCU - just after the Identity Crisis incident.
Characters: Tim Drake, TTG Robin (alt. Dick Grayson), other TTG Titans
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family
Summery: Still coping from the death of his father, Tim Drake finds himself in a world reminiecent of his world's past, but somehow not the same. Robin, who long ago attempted to forget his old name, finds himself face-to-face with a stranger who may or may not play a key factor in his own future. Maybe they can help each other.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. DC owns it all. They may have been abusing their deathstick privalges recently, but they still own it.

A/N - My first attempt at posting anything on LJ, period. Please pardon any awkward posting results because  of this.

Chapter 1:
As a general rule, Robin did not keep many personal items in his room at Titans Tower.
Sure, he had all of the comforts one would expect of your average teenage superhero, such as nice bed and an up-to-date computer and a closet for his clothes and costumes. Most of the walls were hidden behind large bookcases, laden down with the heavy hard-backed tomes that he liked to study. There were a few small things here and there that openly announced whose room it was – most in the form of R-shaped bookends and basic decorations on lampshades – but there was nothing in that room that was of any real value to him or to anyone else. His trophies of victory were displayed with all of the others’ in their hall of fame downstairs, and he had always made it a policy to deny himself the personal “creature comforts” that his teammates – especially Beast Boy – tended to crave.
At least, that’s what he liked for them to think.
There were times, like tonight, when Robin would chose to retire early and retreat back into his room. Generally, they occurred after long periods of inactivity, as tonight had, periods when Robin would feel a need to reconnect with something that the others weren’t familiar with.
On these nights, he would follow a specific routine of security, just as he chose to do now. First, with a twist of his wrist, he would lock the door very securely behind him, then he would pause and scan the room for anything that seemed to be even remotely out of place. Then, he would move across the room and close the blinds of each window one by one, sealing them as tightly as he could until he had shut out all light. To most, the absence of light would seem stifling, almost frightening, but after all his years of covering himself in shadow, the darkness held, for him, a sense of comfort.
 Once the room was dark, he would turn on a single light – the small lamp on his desk – and, with carefully focused steps, slowly make his way to the smallest of his bookcases, the one in the corner of the room farthest from the door.
Just as he had on all of those other nights, Robin scanned his eyes over the spines of each book until he finally found the one that he was looking for – an old, well out-of-date field guide for bird watchers. Seizing it firmly by the top of the spine, he pivoted it forward on its bottom corner and triggered the switch that was hidden there.
The bottom shelf of the case popped open to reveal a small, shallow drawer. Robin leaned over it, careful not to block the lamplight so that he could use it to gaze into the depths of the drawer and examine its contents, piece by piece.
Yellowed, fragile circus play-bills were scattered unceremoniously across the bottom of the smoothly-carved drawer, each one promising yet another dazzling performance from their staring acrobatic family. A small baton, only one of out of a set of three that had been meant for juggling, rolled from the back and thumped against the front wall with a little plastic click. On the way down, it bounced harmlessly over a tarnished silver powder box, a worn, decorative belt buckle and a small, thin, leather-bound photo album.
Robin reached in and pulled the album into his lap. He flipped through the pages idly, letting the memories guide his hand as his mind drifted back to another time, another place…
None of his teammates knew about it, not really. Raven had seen into his mind on occasion, and the others all had little snippets that they could put together if they wanted to, but no one really did. They all knew how rough the past could be, how unpleasant hidden memories really were – they’d all experienced it. They all knew
Within their friendship, it was almost like an unwritten rule: No one talked about the accident that made Cyborg how he was, no one asked how Beast Boy became the green-skinned wonder, and no one mentioned anything about Robin’s family.
There were times when he wondered if it would be easier for everyone concerned to just tell them of his past, the way that Raven had. To tell them about the Flying Graysons and their acrobatic prestige, about the ‘accident’ that took their lives and left their only son an orphan, about the man who had come, a shadow wrapped in shadows, and given him a new place in the world, a place where he did and did not belong all at the same time…
But just thinking about such things brought back memories that made his stomach lurch and his head swim with long-buried emotions. These feelings, the ones that he had buried so deep inside of him for so long, they were the reason he always decided that such memories were better off where they were, hidden away…
Tonight, a sudden loud boom shook him out of his thoughts with an almost violent jerk, accompanied by a more soothing, familiar voice. “Robin?”
The Boy Wonder composed himself, quickly stowing away his secrets before going to crack open the door. He stuck his head out with an awkward little grunt. “Nrgh…Starfire? What is it?”
“I am sorry to have awakened you,” the alien girl bowed apologetically, mistaking his masked annoyance for grogginess. “But Cyborg has discovered something…most unusual.”
Robin frowned ‘unusual’ never seemed to turn out well for them. “How unusual?”
 “It is…most troubling.”
 “All right, then,” Robin ran a hand through his hair as he stepped out, his voice taking on the slightly authoritative tone that it needed to help him keep the team together. “Let’s go check it out.”
He took off down the hall at a light job. Starfire hovered just behind him, her Tamaranian powers keeping her vertical a full four feet off the floor.
“Robin…” she said, in the slow, careful way she always did. “You appear to be agitated. I hope that I have done nothing to upset you.”
Robin shook himself. His nonchalant expression has slipped out of place…he slipped it back on and gave her a little grin. “I’m fine. You didn’t do anything. We better hurry, though. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be important.”
( - ) ( - ) ( - )
Cyborg simply crossed his arms, looking up at the briefing screen and the source of Beast Boy’s oh-so-eloquent question. It currently showed a bird’s-eye view of the city, laid out across a grid. Just above one of the shorter sky scrapers, a digitally emphasized electric-red ripple had appeared, flashing in and out every few seconds, with its pace increasing every minute.
“It’s a disruption in the temporal mechanics of the time-space continuum surrounding the city.”
Beast Boy looked up at their largest member with a black expression. “An’…Whazzat mean?”
With a labored sigh, Raven offered her own translation. “It’s a hole in space. The begins of a portal to another world…or another time.”
“Oh, like a wormhole! Gotcha.” Beast Boy grinned and nodded, happy with his little tidbit of science fiction info.
Cyborg frowned, giving his green-skinned friend a short ‘I just said that’ kind of look, before turning his attention to the rest of their group. “Raven and I rigged up this temporal scanner last month. With all the trouble we’ve had with this kind of stuff in the past, we thought it might be a good investment.”
“Looks like it paid off,” Robin agreed. The screen zoomed in a little, focusing on the center of the ripple, and the image of the city came into a bit sharper focus. “Can you tell who it is, where it came from?”
“Negative,” Cyborg shook his head. “That tech’s way out of our league. This thing could be some experiment from Star Labs or an alien invasion from the other side of the galaxy for all we know.”
Starfire turned her emerald eyes up to the screen with a concerned expression. “It is better, though, to be safe than it is to be sorry.”
“Agreed,” Robin nodded and turned to the group. “Cyborg, stay here and get us a visual of whatever comes out of there, so we’ll know what we’re getting into. The rest of us will be the welcoming committee.”
“Gotcha,” Cyborg gave a single curt nod. “You guys be careful out there.”
Robin gave his old friend a grin and a ‘no-worries’ wave, then turned to the front of the room and order, with all the gentle force of a good leader: “Titans…Go!
( - ) ( - ) ( - )
Five minutes later, Cyborg was crouched over his control panel, well-trained fingers flying over the keys without his eyes having to watch them. Instead, his gaze moved regularly between the two images on the screens – the gradually forming portal on one, and the security camera feeds of the rest of the group’s rooftop route on the other.
“The disruption rate’s starting to pick up,” he reported calmly. “We should have an appearance any second now.”
There was a bit of a crackle as Robin’s communicator chimed in, the rushing wind of his run causing static in the receiver. “Good. Just keep your eye on it.”
“Roger that, Rob,” Cyborg’s fingers ran over the screen, their satellite’s camera zooming in until it was focused on only the roof where the signal seemed to be concentrating. The strength of the warp was not so well-defined that the air itself seemed to ripple like water when a rock was skipped over it.
“It’s gonna be close, though,” Cyborg muttered, speaking more to himself than to Robin. “We’ve never actually watched one open before. I don’t know what kind of power might be…”
At that moment, a loud POP echoed through his head-set, followed by a blast of static, and the portal’s screen filled with a blinding blue light before dissolving into a snowy white on black. “Woah!”
“Cyborg?” Robin’s voice broke though the static, sounding concerned. “Cyborg, what happened?”
The half-robotic former athlete swore under his breath, leaning over his work again. “The portal’s energy was too much, it overloaded our system…No worries, though, I’ll have back on-line in a sec.”
The screen flickered a few times, went to black, then came back to life and returned to the darkened rooftop, where two figures now stood. Cyborg zoomed in on the first one, the one closes to where the portal’s center had been, and managed a decent profile shot. The Titan’s computer mainframe connected instantly and was searching through the criminal files for a match within seconds.
“I got a positive ID on our time-hopper,” Cyborg reported the moment the info was available. “Guy calls himself Chronos. Took over for a real super villain from the Ivy Town area a couple of years back. Tries to use time travel as a way to pull off heists and kill people for cash, but he’s got a reputation for bumbling things up, more often than not.”
“Looks like he actually got it right this time,” Beast Boy noted. “First time for everything.”
Cyborg grinned a bit before getting back to business.
“Looks like somebody’s up there with him…” the second figure, much smaller than Chronos, lunged forward suddenly. “They’re fighting. I think the kid’s trying to take him down.”
Cyborg fiddled with the camera controls as Chronos and the smaller figure met with blows. He increased the sharpness on the picture and zoomed in as the would-be assassin distracted his opponent for a split second, finally giving him a good look.
“What the…?”
Cyborg frowned at the image, finding that it didn’t quite make sense to him. “Robin? How’d you get there so fast?”
“What are you talking about?” Robin’s voice asked, and he appeared on the other screen for a brief moment as he and Starfire darted past one of the cameras. “We’re still three blocks away.”
Cyborg stared at the two screens a moment longer, making sure that his eyes weren’t playing ticks on him. They weren’t.
There was Robin, running through the city, and there was another Robin on that roof, facing Chronos head-on.
“Guys…I think we have a problem.”