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Non-"Project" Update - Original Short Story Available Now!

...yeah. ^.^; Sorry, the Dev blog for this month is running a bit late because I've been working on a lot of other things alongside Project N/A (my goal for this month is to finish the introduction segment) and one of those things is this: I've just released a 4,000-word short story through Kindle Direct Publishing.

So if you have a Kindle an $.99 to spare, I'd really appreciate the support. You can buy it here on Amazon.com. 
Adoration (Opiate of the Stars)

Shameless personal plug

Hey. Hey guys. Remember that short story I told you I got published? It's out now, with Issue 4 of Dante's Heart, available for free at their website here. You should totally go check it out! And then come back and tell me what you think of it. My story is "Ala ad-Din," a magical realism fairytale about an old man and a djinni. It's the first thing I've ever had published and I'm really excited about it. ^_^

Sorry about the Papyrus font. Editor's choice, not mine.