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Contemplating Obama Drama and the Fannish Five

Mm...am I glad it's Friday. I've really been struggling just to keep afloat this semester, what with work and classes, so you'll have to excuse me for not being around much. Figured that, as long as my legs are so numb from my anime club's scavenger hunt that I can't move, I might as well take a little time to comment on the stuff that's being dicussed on my F-list.

First off, holy cheese, am I glad that damn election is over. I am never, ever, ever, ever, ever working a journalism beat during an election year again. It is just way too much trouble for something that I really don't care that much for. That said, while I supported Obama from the very start of the campiagn, I think he's a wonderful man, the best canidate for the job, and I'm very happy that he won...I really don't think it's as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Because honestly, if you think about it, the President of the United States serves, essentially, the same role as the royal family of England currently serves - representing the country as a carismatic, confident leader and distracting the voters from the people who are actually fucking the country up. Obama presents himself as more of the image that I would like to become associated with America, so I'm perfectly happy with that. But I don't think he's any kind of god-send, and it's not some kind of miracle that he was elected. Honestly, I just don't think it's that big of a deal.

Secondly, confirmation of the rumors that I had been adamently trying to ignore: Robin, Nightwing and BoP are ending. Surprisingly, though, I don't really feel much about it either way - while the books may not have been selling, the characters are too popular amongst both fans and creators to get rid of just yet. Honestly, I'm cashing in on everybody taking up new identities in the aftermath of RIP, which could turn out really interesting.

The subject's come up a lot, it seems, because of the Fannish Five challenge for this...week, month, whatever it is that group goes by. I've thought about the question quite a bit and, honestly, I find it really amazing that people can come up with this singular events that would cause them to just abandon a fandom that they loved. I've never had an issue like that, really - if I fall out of love with a fandom, it's just like falling out of love with a person. It happens gradually, so gradually that an emotional dunce like me doesn't even notice that it's happening until it's already gone.

It's not like any of this means anything, mind you. I just thought I'd throw in my two cents.

In lighter, more fandom-related news: Yes, I am still writing fic. Specifically, I am working on the sequel to Knowing, Watching, Late that I've been meaning to do. I actually got a kick-start on it from[info]angel_gidget , who listed it among her requests from my "guess the fandom from my vauge hints" game that I played a while back.

Actually, I mean to get started on that fic last week, but my mind has recently been hijacked by (as people who've noticed my change in mood themes might have guessed) Ouran High School Host Club. Specifically, there's this oneshot Kyoya/Kaoru peice that wouldn't leave me alone, so I wrote it up this week and will type it this weekend so I can finally get started on some other things.

I'm also working, for those who know my FanFiction.Net stuff and care, on the next chapter of Kingdom of the Elemental Hearts. I'm hoping to have it finished by December 10th-ish, possibly sooner because I don't know when finals end.

And, well, that's all from me. Drop me a line if anything catches your eye - I've kind of missed talking to people in comments. That's like, half the fun here. ^_^


Random real-life bite

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was getting a Chinese roommate.  I still don’t really know what her name is. The school says it’s Zhiewi. The card on our door says it’s Xiewei. She told me it was Vivian.

It doesn’t really matter either way. Her English isn’t very good – she’s here for the Intensive English Language Institute, which is designed to teach international students English over the course of a school year – and my Chinese is limited to the local take-out menu. So we’re mostly on fumbling around, hand signals and ‘hey you’ speaking terms. We share a living space, we both have friends who come in and out, and we have the occasional conversation about how kick-ass our school jazz program is or much our football team sucks, but I wouldn’t say that we’re close.

Today, she was asking me about how our dorm handles moving in or out during the winter holidays. I explained that, if she told the dorm that she was just ‘returning,’ she would be put in the same room. She asked if that was what I was doing, and I said yes.

She said to me, “That’s good. I like this. I would like to live with you after the winter holidays.”

For some reason, that just made me really…happy.

I’m not on speaking terms with a lot of the girls in my hall. The few that I’ve talked to say that I come across as antisocial, and a lot of them seem to be intimidated by my height. My best friend up here commutes an hour when she has class, so I only really get to see her once a week or so; and all of my other friends are the geeky guys from games club. Of the three other roommates that I’ve had, only one of them stuck around for more than a couple of weeks; but even then she was almost never in the room – she tended to sleep at a different friend’s house every night and only come back when she needed a change of clothes. Ever since I moved out for college, leaving all my high school friends back out west, I guess I’ve been kind of lonely.

Having someone say that she would like to stay with me, even if it’s only because we have similar sleep schedules and leave each other alone most of the time…it feels nice. Really nice.  

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Anyone here speak Chinese?

I got a new roomate. I haven't met her yet, but there was a letter on my door announcing her arrival, and there's a strange suitcase, lamp and case of water under the second bed in my room. Since she's coming in at the middle of the semester, it's likely she's an exchange student, most likely Chinese given her name, so I'm not surprised that she hasn't been around. My last Asian-heritage exchange student roommate didn't show up very often anyway.

The only problem is, when she does show up, I'd like to be able to call her by name. Does anyone know how to properly pronounce "Zhiwei Zhang"?

I'm alive...

I’m alive. Barely.

I’m working a paid job at the student newspaper this semester, which means four stories a week at least, on top of work for the five classes that I’m taking and secretary duties at Gamers’ Club. Ergo, ficcing and such has fallen by the wayside for a little bit, and I am stressed out

To top it off, the internet in my dorm room is finicky as hell and decides to just give out sporadically for no other reason than it just likes making students’ lives miserable. You would think with the ridiculous amount they charge us for tuition and housing, they could afford to get a decent service.

Also, last night I got labeled a sexist because I called Spoiler a spoiled bitch.

I don’t care if it was because they just really like Spoiler, or because they only see ‘bitch’ as being a totally sexist comment without ever taking the context or the speaker into account. People like that make me seriously consider getting a sex change, just so I wouldn’t have to associate with them anymore.

On the brighter side, I have been finding the time to write when I can. Bits and pieces here and there, hoping that it all adds up in the end. And I got to go to AnimeFest Dallas with a couple of friends over the Labor Day break, which was a hoot. There was this huge Phoenix Wright cosplay photo shoot with, like, fifty people dressed up as forty different characters. They had a big cardboard set that looked like the courtroom, they reenacted scenes from the game as well as "Boot to the Head," and in the end, they all did the Caramel Dansen together.

Everything boils down to: I’m tried, I’m overworked even after a holiday weekend, I’m sick of being insulted by people because I don’t agree with them, the internet hates me and I really wish I could get some plotbunnies started or, at the very least, a meme that would get my mind off of things, because I’m just that pathetic.

Random Stuff

There are a couple of things that I'm looking for, so I figured I'd plug the F-list for info, see if I got anything.

First of all, does anybody have the link to the DC Fan Fiction index here on LJ? I used to have it bookmarked, but after my old laptop crashed, that data got lost with most everything else I had. If someone could drop me a link, I'd really appreciate it.

Secondly, I'm looking for all of the important Cassie stories that don't involve YJ or the Titans. Things like her first appearance, her first time out with Wonder Woman, when her identity was revealed at school, the story where she found out that Zeus was her dad, things like that. Any storyline that might have been important in her life, I want to see.  Why? Because it's really easy to find the life stories of Bart, Kon, Tim and hell, even Spoiler (which I don't want but keep finding anyway) but I can't find a damn thing on Cassie. And that's just sad. If I can get the book titles and issues, maybe some hints on what TPBs to get, I can search on my own, but I need a place to start.

If anybody can help, I'd be greatful. ^_^

My brain just broke...

You know, there are a lot of things about fandoms that I don't really understand the apeal of - like femslash and 'high school' AUs - but I've figured that it's just the writer's personal tastes and they're free to enjoy whatever they like.  

And then there are things that just make me go, "WTF?" M-Preg is one of those. 

I mean, there are times when I figure you could stretch the series a bit and it would be possible. Plus, it's always fun to imagine what kind of bundle of joy our favorite pairings would produce, and there are some really creative people out there who can pull it off. (Of course, the best ones are professionals - Chris Claremount's original idea for Mystique and Destiny being Nightcrawler's biological parents is one of the most awsome things I've ever heard of) 

But I don't understand all these totally random M-Preg fics that don't even try to explain how a boy can get pregenant. It's like it's just another fact of life, which, well - it's not.

And what's really got me confused is - why the hell are there so many of these seriously weird M-Preg fics popping up in the Digimon Frontier fandom, of all places? o.0
Join the Titans?

The Random Annoyances of Life

My computer is broken again. This time, it basically died - won't start up at all. I'm taking it to Best Buy this afternoon. Hope they can do something about it. All of my stories and projects are on there, and I never really thought about backing it all up, because I've never had a problem like this on any of my other machines...stupid, stupid...

In other news, I have a Steph muse. I hate Steph. Why the hell do I have a Steph muse, and why won't she leave me alone? Still, the ideas she's feeding me are *kinda* good, and given that all my other fics (save my nearly-completed entry to the RoyTim potluck) are awaiting rescue in the black hole of my laptop...Expect the unexpected.

Also, I'm finally home, but my kitty is coughing up hairballs on the carpet. Joy.

Wonder Girl

A Question

I'm curious about something. 

If a long-standing, semi-popular and essentially "good" superhero who is known to have anger and/or control issues - Green Arrow, for example, though it's a bad one - was revealed to be physically (NOT sexually, but physically) abusing their child, parent, sidekick and/or significant other, what do you think the fallout from that would be?

To turn that on its side, if a long-standing, semi-popular and essentially "good" superheroine known to have anger and/or control issues - say,  Huntress - was revealed to be physically abusing their child, parent, sidekick and/or significant other, would the fallout  even be comparable? Would it be better? Worse?

And finally, is it totally crazy for me to to think that, until the fandom/critic reaction from these two storylines is comparable, if not almost identical, that true gender equality has not yet been reached?

Just something random

I've got a question for the fellow ladies on my F-list: you know those days when you just really, really feel like being a total bitch, for no reason at all? How do you deal with those?

Usually, I tend to pick a fight with somebody over something inconsequental on the internet or rant wildly about something here in LJ, but that's been getting me into trouble lately. (Thank you, WFA...) Otherwise, I would just turn the computer off and curl up with my collection of DCAU comics, but I'm at my grandfaters' for an indeterminant length of time and the only comics I have with me are either not quite perky enough to hold my interest, or contain the one character who manages to put me in an even bitchier mood than I started out with.

So, like...does anybody have any suggestions? Because I am just about to explode...>.<